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Kitchen Lighting

Over the years the kitchen has become more and more the focus of the entire home. Between all the daily activities that take place in the kitchen, whether that is cooking, prep, cleaning or entertaining, the kitchen has certainly become an important part of our every day lives.

The Kitchen lighting you choose to have in your home is a very important component to all the different activities that go on there. Lighting carries one of the largest selections of kitchen lighting fixtures available. Once applied, the proper kitchen lighting will serve both functionally as well as adding an aesthetic component to your kitchen's overall design.

The use of Recessed Lighting in the Kitchen has become, over the years, an increasingly popular option. Recessed Lighting, available now in a wide variety of different sizes and combinations, has in fact become the lighting fixture of choice for most professionals. Perfect while designing new kitchens or for new homes and home remodels. Much more efficient, reliable and certainly with more design options than in years past, Lighting Catalog offers a large selection of Recessed Lighting. Popular brands for Recessed Lighting are Progress Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and Thomas Lighting. For more information on Recessed Lighting and to learn more about what not to do when choosing lighting for your kitchen areas please visit our Recessed Lighting Design Guide.

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Another popular kitchen lighting fixture is the Ceiling Fan. Dual purposed, the proper ceiling fan can serve as both a great light source and a reliable system for circulating air throughout your kitchen. Lighting offers a very large selection of ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories.

For work areas be sure to utilize the benefits of undercabinet lighting and track lighting. Versatile and able to give off large amounts of light both under cabinet lighting and track lighting are great options for kitchens that don't have lots of room for lighting fixtures.

In todays typical Kitchen Chandeliers and Pendant Lights typically steal the show. In that tradition, Crystal Chandeliers are increasingly becoming more and more popular in todays Kitchen design. Lighting Catalog offers a large inventory of both. To read more about the current trend of Crystal Chandeliers in the kitchen read our latest article Crystal Chandelers Now Lighting the Kitchen.
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