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Nothing breaks up the monotony of a room better than the right type of Pendant Lighting. Today's modern Pendant Lighting comes in an awesome variety of different colors, shapes and sizes. Pendant Lighting is one of the most sylish and versatile types of lighting on the market today. Pendant lighting is used everywhere from the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom.

Pendants are often used as main light sources and are perfect for kitchen and counter top areas or for applications in which you want to provide a task lighting to a specific area. It is common for Large Pendants to be used in the entry way or foyer of a home leaving a standing impression to any visitors you may have to your home. offers a large selection of Entry way and Foyer Pendant Lighting. With many pendants available with inter-changable pieces, the combinations of Pendants you can design for yourself are endless.

Similar to Pendants, Mini-Pendants are great solutions for smaller applications where regular sized Pendants won't apply. Mini Pendants offer a bit more versatility in that they can, in alot of ways, serve more as accent pieces rather than primary sources of light. Often placed in areas not centrally located, Mini Pendants when applied properly, because of their highly stylized and crafted workmanship can have the ability to shift the focus of a room. Mini pendants work well in staggerd groups creating a symmetry and elegant design complementing the the room.

Designers from quality brands like Elk Lighting, Besa Lighting, Lite Source, Dolan Designs, Maxim Lighting and Quoizel provide specialized designs and materials into the creation of signature pendant pieces.

A large selection of Energy Star Pendant Lighting and Outdoor Pendant Lighting is also available from

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