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Before beginning installation of the fan, check the electrical junction box to ensure that it is securely braced for a fan and is tightly installed.

Begin your installation of the fan hanging system by attaching the fan hanging bracket which was earlier attached to the electrical box. The slot in the bracket must fit together exactly. Make your wire connections and push all wires and wire nuts up inside the electric box. It is a violation of code for any wires or wire nuts to rest inside the canopy. Tighten the canopy to the bracket.

Your next step is to attach the blade irons to the blades, being sure to use the larger rubber gaskets provided for the irons. Make sure you use the small rubber or fiber grommets and place them between the mounting screw and the blade. Tighten all screws very, very securely.

At this point your are ready to attach the blades. Never put the blades on the motor housing while the housing is sitting on the floor. This will almost always result in blades becoming unbalanced during installation. Again, make sure all screws are very, very tight and secure.

Plug the switch housing to the motor housing matching the color coding on the two plugs. Attach switch housing with screws provided, again making sure these screws are very, very tight and secure.

Double check the tightness of the entire installation. Afterwards, turn the fan on to high speed to check for proper balance.

If a light kit is used, remove the switch housing and punch out the center nut from inside the switch housing. Screw on the light kit and connect the wire corresponding wire from the kit to the wire in the switch housing. Make sure all wires are covered. A small amount of uncovered wire could make contact with the metal sides of the switch housing and cause a short. Reattach the switch housing to fan and tighten the screws. Put the glass on the light kit. Make sure all thumbscrews are tight and that the light bulbs are not slanted in the sockets so that they touch the glass. Loose screws and bulbs touching the glass will cause noise!!!

Special circumstances in the fan installation do exist. Additional wire is needed for high ceilings, the ceiling is pitched more than 22 degrees, or the blades appear to be unbalanced. Solutions to these special circumstances follow.

  1. Fan needs extra wire – Most fans have 78" of lead wire so they will not need additional wiring up to a 6’ downrod. Extra wire will normally be taken care of by the initial installer. The wire used for this is 18 awg wire with ground. After setting the canopy in place, the existing wires and the additional wire length are crimped together and then taped together.
  2. If the ceiling is pitched more than 33 degrees a slope ceiling canopy kit must be installed instead of the standard fan canopy. The exception are fans equipped with heavy duty mounting that includes 45 degree mounting. Installation varies from one brand to another. Directions included in the slope canopy
  3. If blades appear to be unbalanced when checked on high speed, first recheck to be sure that every screw of the fan is super tight. Loose screws are the main cause of wobble. After that, check to make sure the hanging bracket is tightly attached to the junction box. If still unbalanced, use a balancing kit to check each blade for balance. Clamp the pin in the balancing kit to each blade, one at a time, turning the fan on high speed each time to check each blade. Determine which blade wobbles the least and place the lead weight on the middle of that blade. Turn the fan on high speed and observe. If wobble still occurs, check for warping of blades or bent blade irons. If all this fails, a new set of blades will need to be installed.
  4. Air Conditioner Registers
    Air conditioner registers can cause fan noise and wobble due to uneven air distribution over the blades. Mount Fans away from air conditioner registers to avoid this problem.

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