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Spot Lights encompass a very wide variety of products and applications. They can provide the perfect lighting for both indoor and outdoor lighting uses. When used properly spot lighting can create a mood, be used as accent lighting, draw your attention to a specific area or object, or be used as a safety measure. whatever your need, Lighting Catalog has a wide variety of spot lights for you to choose from.

Popular in many homes today, mini-pendants are used both as accent lighting, and as ambient lighting to help create a specific mood of a room. Mini-Pendants are traditionally used in either the kitchen or dining room but can be used virtually anywhere in the home where a little extra attention is needed. Manufacturers that specialize in min-Pendants are Kichler Lighting, Besa Lighting, and Progress Lighting.

Track Lighting is another type of spot light you might want to consider for your home. Track lighting is among the most versatile lighting systems available today. Most track lighting comes in a large variety of shapes, designs, sizes and configurations. Track lighting can be used in just about any room and for just about any purpose. Check out the large selection of Track Lights offered by

Directional lights are similar to track lighting in that they can be positioned to illuminate specific areas within a room but are not typically quite as versatile or as mobile. Directional lights come in a variety of different sizes and designs. Progress Lighting, Lite Source, and Sea Gull Lighting all offer a diverse selection of directional lighting.

Do you decorate your walls with paintings, photos or other artwork? Are you giving them the proper attention they deserve? Picture Lights are the perfect way to show off and highlight the beauty of those items you decorate your home or studio with. Made with lasting performance and specifically for highlighting pictures and artwork, these specialized products are sure to help draw the attention to where it should be. With many sizes and finishes to choose from House of Troy Lighting is the leader in picture lighting.

Some of the most inspiring and most popular uses for spot lights are for outdoor applications. Outdoor spot lighting can create a dramatic effect on the exterior of your home. Excellent for bringing out textures and contours of the exterior of your home the proper outdoor spot lighting can make your home truly stand out above the rest. Security Lighting is also an important component to any outdoor lighting plan. Security Lights typically come with a motion sensor feature which can help illumnate dark areas when needed, and can help bring a since of security to your home. Outdoor spot lighting includes Security Lighting, Oudoor flood lights, and a large variety of other outdoor spot lights.

If you need further assistance or have any questions please call us at 1-(866)-482-8321 today! Our spot lighting experts are trained to help you select the right spot light for your home. They will be happy to be your personal shopper to assist you in your buying process.
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