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Question: Why does my fan wobble?
  1. Is the electrical junction box tight?
  2. Is the fan securely mounted to the bracket?
  3. Do the slots in the ball and bracket match?
  4. Are all the screws extra tight?
  5. Is a blade warped?
  6. Is a blade iron bent?
  7. Has a balancing kit been tried?
Question: Why is my fan making noise?
  1. Are the screws on the housing tight?
  2. Are all the screws on the light kit tight?
  3. Is there a wire nut inside the switch housing hitting against the side?
  4. Is the junction box secure?
  5. If you are using a wall control, is the wall control causing the noise?
To determine this, disconnect the wall control and twist wires (after turning off the power). Turn the power on and turn the fan on. If the fan doesn’t make noise, you know the wall control is the problem.

Question: Why does my fan operate on only one speed?
  1. Are the wires connected on the pull chain switch?
  2. Is the switch housing plugged securely into the fan?
  3. If the two above are correct, change the switch housing.

Question: Why(won) 't my fan light come on?
  1. Are the wires connected properly in the ceiling?
  2. Are the wires connected properly in the switch housing?
  3. Are all the wires in the junction cap of the light connected?

Question: Why(won) 't my fan come on at all?
  1. Is there power coming to the electrical junction box?
  2. Are all the wires from the fan to the junction box connected?
  3. Check the reverse switch. If located midway, the fan will not run.
Is the switch housing plugged into the fan securely and are all the wires securely in the plug harness?

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