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Ceiling Fan Guide


Layout and Installation
In designing a fan layout, you need to determine what size of fan is required (and how many) and where to locate the fans(s).

Fan Size And Location
The size and quantity of fans depends on the size of the space. Rooms larger than 400SF or long spaces benefit from the use of two or more fans. Here are some general guidelines on fan size and blade sweep:
  • 24" span 16 – 40 sq. ft. 4 ft x 4 ft room
  • 34" span 40 – 75 sq. ft. 7.5 ft x 10 ft room
  • 42" span 100 – 120 sq. ft. 10 ft x 12 ft room
  • 44" span 120 – 140 sq. ft. 11.6 ft x 12 ft room
  • 52" span 170 – 210 sq. ft. 14 ft x 15 ft room
  • 54" span 230 – 260 sq. ft. 16 ft x 16 ft room
  • 56" span 270 – 300 sq. ft. 16.6 ft x 18 ft room
  • 60" span 340 – 380 sq. ft. 18.6 ft x 20 ft room
  • 72" span 400 – 450 sq. ft. 20 ft x 22ft room
Fans should generally be centered in the room, with the edge of the blade no closer than 18" from the wall.

For optimal cooling, fans should generally be suspended 8’ or 9’ above the floor. If the fan is higher in the space, the effect of the airflow will be diminished. With the lofty, cathedral ceiling, the fan may look better if it hangs at 10’ – 14’. Use accessory down rods to achieve the desired height above the floor. In low ceiling spaces, fan blades should be lower than 7’. Hugger kits work well in this situation.

Manufacturers usually ship fans unassembled. Take special care in attaching the blades to ensure a properly balanced fan. Do NOT install blades before hanging motor.

A fan must be supported by an outlet box rated for use with a ceiling fan (up to 35lbs). Check the rating on the box when retrofitting a lighting fixture. Steep slopes may require a special slope adapter.

Fans over 35 lbs must use 50 lbs to 70 lbs heavy duty outlet boxes.

For the most flexibility in controlling a fan/light combination, provide separate wiring to the fan and the light.

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